COATING UNITS APPLICATION FINE VACUUM The CCU-010 LV coating unit is designed for fine-vacuum applications. The modular concept allows for the subsequent conversion to a high vacuum unit.
A SMART DEVICE Whether you wish to sputter, vaporise or plasma treat carbon – you can configure the device with the right process head for all these applications.
DO NOT WASTE TIME The device is operational within a short time. The use of high-quality materials and components in combination with innovative ideas produces extraordinarily short process times. The automatic mode allows for reliable and consistent production of thin coatings.
COMPACT AND PRACTICAL Saving valuable space thanks to small dimensions. Weight has been reduced to a minimum. Standardised small-flange quick connections (“ISO-KF”) act as interfaces with your connections.
EASY START-UP AND SERVICING Unpack, connect, start! Do away with high start-up costs. The plug-and-play concept allows you to start up the device by yourself. You only need to connect the power supply and process gas. The service technician can run a quick error analysis thanks to the integrated USB service interface. The modular set-up allows for the targeted replacement of defective components.

  • Light-weight design aluminium receptacle
  • Glass reaction cylinder Ø120mm (DIN 100 ISO-KF compatible)
  • Implosion guard and safety monitoring
  • Round stage, height-adjustable and tiltable (Ø80mm) to hold your samples. The table can be easily removed without tools for cleaning purposes.
  • Speed-controlled rotary or planetary gear table with different options for holding samples (option)
  • Coat-thickness measurement via double-quartz measuring system (small samples at the centre, large samples at the edge)
  • Wide range power supply (90-260VAC)
  • Interface for different process heads with automatic recognition
  • 5.7“ TFT-Touch graphical display
  • Easy creation of coating formulations, which guarantee reproducible results
  • Storage/view of the last ten processes
  • Feature for automatic flooding of system in the event of power loss. This prevents the system from becoming contaminated with backing pump oil.
  • Intuitive user software with many practical features
  • Graphical representation of process data with Windows-based Coating LAB software (option)
  • Flange connection (DN 25 ISO-KF) for connecting an external backing pump (LV version)
  • Can be used as a pure pumping unit
  • External alarm output
  • USB interface for easy analysis and update of software
  • Automatic valve control for two process gases and venting
  • 6mm Legris connections for two process gases and a venting gas
  • Tools for target and quartz replacement
  • USB service cable
  • Power supply cable
  • Various accessories and mounting materials included in scope of delivery
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